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Hey peeps, lemme know how things are. It's been quite a long time since I was in a game. In terms of Anemone, while I've watched the Japanese many times, my canon review was with the dub.

Additional Note (Contains Spoilers):

I did want to make a note about Anemone's still-present headaches and other problems. I'm torn between agreeing with the wiki that without the constant medication, she'd mellow out (I have to double-check the exact wording). The medication was murderous to her, but it's also what could draw her focus back from the Zone. While her world is gone, the Scub Coral are still out there somewhere, multi-verse or not. So, I'm of the belief that the Zone still exists and though she's (presumably) extremely distant from it, she's still prone to problems. It was noted that she was highly dependent on it.

Her worst headaches during the series are when the Scub are present, but she does have problems other times. ...Admittedly the Scub aren't in this world at all but. Trauma + experience + still her screwed up genetics... yeah. idk. I'm not intending it to be a huge problem when she's "settled" somewhere.

SO BASICALLY THAT'S HOW I'M PLAYING WITH IT CURRENTLY. Lemme know if you have any thoughts.

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Over 18? Yes
Characters Played: N/A


Character Name: Anemone
Series: Eureka SeveN
Canon Point: Post-Series
Character Age: 17

At the heart:
-Unstable: mood swings, prone to violent outbursts
-Terrified of failure
-Striving for normalcy: wants to experience all she can
-Will do anything to protect those closest to her (including those in stasis)
-Believes she's only able to be kept alive if she's useful
-Authority issues, disrespectful
-Sometimes: actually acts her age, can be kind of be a brat, treats people like fools
-Hyper-focused as a fighter

The girl that she was "modeled" after, a humanoid Coralian (Eureka), had been described once as cold, detached, and indifferent, but really that describes Anemone's fall back personality to a T. In the series she's often callous, keeping people at arm's length, knowing that they don't understand what she's gone through, or what she's continued to deal with. She makes mockery of those around her, acting as though she's of higher standing. She exudes confidence, power, and intelligence.

All of it is just a facade that crumbles bit by bit as the series goes on because despite her young age, she has an unhealthy understanding of human nature. She knows war, despair, and the cold truth of how humans are valuable.

Anemone has always had a skewed perspective of self-worth. She's gone most of her life knowing she has to be useful to keep from being discarded. She wasn't treated as a person, she was treated as a tool. An "it." For awhile, it didn't seem like a problem. She knew she was one of the best pilots--and the only one capable of flying Nirvash Type theEND. No one was capable of beating her, even the white lookalike of her ship, Nirvash type ZERO. Except... then she starts to lose. Again and again. Her confidence breaks and she can see it in the eyes of her commanding officer (Dewey Novak) that if she doesn't shape up, he's going to get rid of her, and that's exactly what he does--tossing her into a suicide mission. Either succeed or die. And at that point? She doesn't care.

She's spent so long pushing people away, with violence and words, that the one person who actually loved her (Dominic), leaves. She believes that he ran away from her, because she believes that she doesn't deserve love, or that anyone could possibly love someone like her.

And she doesn't expect to fall in love with that same person. Once he's gone she becomes despondent. So, alone, heartbroken, and knowing her value is gone, she goes on the mission. When he shows up to save her, she's overflowing with emotions. She's happy and in love and it's the first time she's isn't hiding behind a cold exterior. It's from here on that she starts to finally get to grow, to find a real life for herself.

Anemone was robbed of a normal childhood. She was happy with her parents while she was young, but wars took them away from her, and she was struck with "Desperation Disease" (putting her in a catatonic state while mentally she connected with an alien lifeform known as the Scub Coral), and then taken to undergo horrific human experimentation to become an artificially made Coralian. She was the only one to ever survive the experiment, subsequently becoming the only pilot for theEND.

So, Anemone always strove for normalcy. She made a promise that if she was to survive her suicide mission, she was going to live. Experience the world around her. Food, music. People, friendship. She wants to live life as a person, not a tool.

However, courtesy of the Storm and her loved ones being in Stasis, Anemone will be in a constant war with herself--wanting to still experience life with a lighter heart, and believing that once again she's in a situation that if she doesn't perform well enough? That not only her, but her loved ones as well, will be discarded. She doesn't want to hurt anyone else anymore, she doesn't want to fight. But she knows she has to. She knows her struggles aren't over, and it's selfish to think otherwise.

She knew she was an imitation of Eureka. For the longest time she had a rampant desire to destroy Eureka, and she was frightful of whether or not Dewey preferred the "real thing" or not, despite how much she despised him.

Finally, courtesy of the experiments done on her, and her connection to the Scub Coral, Anemone regularly experienced headaches, nose bleeds, and mood swings--usually with anger as their basis. She was left unbalanced, both mentally and physically, and usually a tad out of touch with reality because she had a dependency on "the Zone." There's a medicine from her world made from Eureka's blood that helps with most of those problems, except it pulled out a nasty bloodlust. She believed she need couldn't fight without it.

Due to those genetic modifications, she was capable of sensing the Scub Coral and have a loose link to it. Her headache worsened when the Scub Coral and other associations were under attack. Her mind is also likely susceptible to outside alien influence, as she had succumbed to it when she was a child, and her mind never was allowed to recover.


-excels as a mecha pilot, likely translatable to other small ships
(She was interfaced through an organic structure to her unit, but when she was younger she likely learned how to work the other units)
-able to read combat situations and react on short notice
-stronger than she looks; she's able to pick up her pet Gulliver, an overweight badger, and have him rest on her shoulders with no problem, whereas anyone else struggles with him
-Due to her genetic modifications, she can see more than humans can. In her universe, she can see "Transparence Light Particles" (trapar).

Power Nerfs (if applicable): N/A

-United Federations military uniform


(1) Guaranteed safety of Dominic Sorel
(2) Guaranteed safety of Eureka
(3) Special Healing -- a cure to eliminate her dependency on the Zone, elevating the more severe side effects of her genetic modifications


-TDM Top Level
-TDM with Isabelle
-TDM, omage, with 2B